La Sorellanza (The Sisterhood)

La Sorellanza

La Sorellanza (The Sisterhood)

La Sorellanza”, they called themselves. “The Sisterhood” Luisa: the group princess. She learns about her father too late. Reggie: the group sweetie. Her husband was killed because he asked questions. Cathy: Her father gambled and owed money to the Mob and tried to sell his daughter to pay off his debt. Pat: Her father was in the Mob and was killed. Cele: She played a dangerous game.

by Barbara Wright

Published March 25, 2013  by Wings ePress,Inc.

Congratulations to Barbara Wright on her new Women’s Fiction Novel

Lovers and Friends

Lovers and Friends

Lovers and Friends

When Ivy Darling’s third husband trades her in on a newer model, it seems only natural for her long (and happily) widowed friend Flo Hunnicut to take her in. Then Ivy, who believes no woman can be truly happy without a man, sets out to make Flo over so she can attract local builder Lon Stubbins.

by Claire Bocardo  Published March 25, 2013 by Wings ePress,Inc.

Fiction: Romance  Contemporary.

Congratulations to Claire Bocardo for her new novel.

Pikes Peak Crossfit

Pikes Peak Crossfit

I must have done something right along the way of raising my children. Here is another link of one of my children that makes the news. My son, Dru Cooper, owns Pikes Peak Crossfit and changes lives every day. He is just one of four. My first link today was about his two sisters, Candy McDowall and Terri Cooper with Yoga Gangsters. And there is one more. Another daughter, Amy Richards works with kids in higher education, helping them improve their lives and the people around them.

I didn’t always make the best decisions when I was raising them, but to quote my father (RIP Dad), “They turned out pretty great in spite of you.” (meaning me)

If you are proud of your kids, shout it from the rooftops. And I think its okay to give yourself a little pat on your back.

Yoga Gangsters touches lives

Yoga Gangsters touches lives

Today I have to share this link. Two of my daughters teach yoga to at-risk youth. Yoga Gangsters, founded by my daughter, Terri Cooper started in Miami in 2008. Now it is going nationwide with Yoga Gangster Outreach in many states as far as Arizona. This clip is with my other daughter, Candy McDowall in Columbus Ohio.

I am so proud of the work they do. Some days, you just want to spread the love.