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P is for Purpose


I believe every one is on this planet now, at this exact moment, in this exact place for a purpose. Throughout our lives, our purposes change as we grow.  Just a few of my “purposes” in life have been to be:

An obedient daughter

A fun and loyal sister

A devout Christian


A good mother

A loving wife

A successful salesperson


I can’t profess to have accomplished all of those things to the best of my ability, but I did the best I knew how to do at the time.


So what is my purpose now? I believe it is to write. As writers, we can have a variety of purposes. They could be to entertain, educate, inspire, amuse, thrill, even to scare. I believe my purpose is to teach empathy through the characters in my novels; to teach compassion for certain groups of people such as battered women, dysfunctional youth, and victims of violence or prejudice.

What is your purpose?