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Finding your audience

We spend hours perfecting our craft, regardless if it is books, art, photography, dance or the theatre.
But even with the perfect masterpiece, without an audience to share it with, what is the point?
You can say it is for personal satisfaction. And I believe we must be our own biggest fan. Perhaps it is therapy. Very possible, but for most of us the process can be as stressful as it is therapeutic.
The vast majority of artists are looking to share their masterpiece. So where does this audience come from? Certainly the Internet has helped by leaps and bounds, but the Internet is also as vast as the ocean. As great as we believe our work is; it is a minnow in a ocean.
I would love to hear from readers on how they announced their work to the world. What worked? What didn’t? Did you pay huge amounts on advertising to make a few sales? Or did you find a niche to market your work that cost little but reaped great rewards?
Step up folks. Tell us your best and your worst marketing experiences – regardless if your product. Art, music, books … We can all learn from each other.