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Florida Cancer Specialists

This will be my last post about the dreaded “C” word until I can post a big YEAH about being cancer free, which should be sometime in the spring.

For now, I am done with my chemo treatments. Radiation is next. Before I enter into the next phase of my recovery, I must do a huge shout-out to the staff at the Napa Ridge Florida Cancer Specialists in Naples, Florida where I received my chemotherapy. These people are phenomenal. Not only do they give excellent physical care, being so sensitive to their patient’s discomfort, but they also offer immeasurable emotional support. Some days I went in feeling optimistic and they shared my joy. Other times I came in depressed or emotional when I couldn’t even pin-point the problem. They were there for me every step of the way. Every single person in that treatment center is truly an angel. From the front desk staff to the phlebotomists, to the nurses in the treatment rooms, and of, course, the doctors, I could not have had better care. All I can say to them, is Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I truly believe I owe my life to you. Thanks to you and the multitudes of prayers that went out from family and friends, I am confident in saying that I am on the way to being a cancer survivor.

To other cancer patients in my area, I am sure there are situations where you need to make the trek across the state, or perhaps even across to country, to places like The Moffit Center in Tampa or The Sylvestor Center in Miami, but I can honestly say, I believe most cancer patients in the Naples area can feel confident going to Florida Cancer Specialists. Even during Hurricane Ian, when no one had electricity, they moved us around to different locations that had power to make sure each and every patient received the care they needed. If you live in the area and are struggling with where to go to get the best care, ask your doctor about Florida Cancer Specialists. You may not need to go any further than your backyard.