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I is for Instinct


I is for Instinct

Wikipedia’s definition of Instinct: The inherent inclination of a living organism toward a particular complex behavior.

As authors, I believe we have instincts that push us to write. Like a musician that can’t stop playing, a singer than can’t hold back the song, or a painter that has no choice but to paint. Yes, we need to edit, yes, we need to continue to learn and perfect our craft, but inherently, we are born to write. Almost every writer I know says they started at a very young age, even if it got set aside by life; to pursue a different career or to raise a family.

I also can not let this day go without saying on this day, April 10th (let’s just say over thirty years ago), my middle daughter Amy was born.  My instincts told me she would be very special, and she is. She is a beautiful woman, a fantastic wife and mother and a loving daughter. Happy Birthday Amy. 


 I also want to say to all writers out there. Now is your time. Now, let your instincts take root. Let the words flow freely and with abandonment. (you can always edit later)

When did you first know you wanted to write, and what have you done with it?