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J is for Joanne

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That’s right. J is for me, Joanne Simon Tailele.


I hope that does not sound too egotistical. That is not my intent. It is my affirmation that I AM. I am a Mother of four. I am a Grandmother of nine. I am a Wife. I am a Realtor. And I am an Author. It may not be my first novel, or my second . . . perhaps not even my third . . . but I WILL someday make the best seller list. I must first believe in myself before I can expect others to do the same. No longer do I write only to bury my stories in the bottom of a cedar chest. I set my characters free from that fireproof metal box. My plots will twist and turn until they are wrapped around your heart. They will speak of injustices and prejudices, of triumphs and redemption. Make a note, print this out, because someday you are going to see Joanne Simon Tailele front and center on the Best Seller List and you’ll say; “I remember when she put that egotistical post on her Writing Under Fire blog during the 2013  A-Z Challenge, and damn if she didn’t do it.Image



My first stories, hand written in blue collared pencil at about eleven years old.


My debut novel, ACCIDENT, is available in e-book form.

ImageWhen alcoholic soccer-mom, Susan Jennings is convicted of vehicular homicide, she is destined to spend the next ten years in a prison cell the size of her walk-in closet. With one child dead and another left an amputee, she must fight to win her sobriety and her daughter’s forgiveness in the dangerous prison world. She will go to any length to save Deanna from the snares of the charismatic minister who is the devil hiding behind a clergyman’s collar; even if that means divulging her life-long secret. Pick it up on Amazon for Kindle, Barnes and Noble for Nook, Apple or Kobo, E-pub or Smashwords. You can find links to those sites on my website, This is my plug. Buy my book, write a review. Let me know what you think. Thank You.

Do you believe in yourself?

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Debut Novel, ACCIDENT, now available

Accident Joanne Simon Tailele 1600x2400

My debut novel, ACCIDENT, is now available on all ereaders. Go to Amazon for Kindle, Smashwords for Nook, I-Pad, E-Pub.

Short Synopsis for  ACCIDENT

When soccer-mom, Susan Jennings is convicted of vehicular homicide, she is destined to spend the next ten years in a prison. Her seven year old son is dead and her teenage daughter is left without a mother—or her left leg. She must survive the dangerous prison world in order to win her daughter’s forgiveness. But when she discovers that the handsome pastor of their church is pursuing her daughter, she must find a way to save Deanna from the same fate that caused the downward spiral into Susan’s alcoholism and destroyed her world.