About Joanne Tailele


I love to read books. And I love writing them. My passion for writing goes back to my childhood. I wrote my first short story in blue colored pencil. It was called “The Magic of the Missing Marble”. I still have that story in its original tucked away with the dozens and dozens of poems and prose I have written over the course of my life. A large percentage are about my children, and how I felt during certain stages in their lives. After 9/11, I wrote as my solace for a heartbroken nation and a terrified citizen.

Now my children are grown and my husband and I live on a beautiful island on the southwest coast of Florida. We afford the luxury of watching the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico as we sip our cocktails at our favorite restaurant. We bury our toes in the white sand and cruise through the 10,000 island on our little deck boat. Life is good.

I primarily write mother-daughter stories with conflict and angst.  I like controversial topics that sides could be debated on. Motherhood is never simple.  Besides my own stories, I am also a free-lance writer for Jacobs Writing Consultants, LLC where I do memoir/biography writing, copy-editing and some developmental editing and the current president of our local writers’ group, Marco Island Writers.

Jacobs Writing Consultants LLC



Marco Island Writers

Rainbow Over the Gulf - MIW FB Header

MIW started with only 2 members in June of 2011 and now has about 40 members and over 100 interested people who receive the newsletter by email every month.  We are a diverse group; writers that still hold that story only in their mind, to well-known published authors, screenwriters, poets and non-fiction writers including journalism and memoirs. We learn from each other and we keep each other motivated to plug ahead after rejection slips, or silent “no’s from literary agents. If you want to know more, log on to www.marcoislandwriters.com and check it out.

I hope you enjoy this blog and share your thoughts and opinions on the reply tag. Thank you .

7 thoughts on “About Joanne Tailele

  1. I’m an artist, not a writer, but I do love to put words on paper too …. but, I make mistakes all the time… 🙂 it’s me, it’s who I am… and that’s OK… I am looking forward to following and reading what you have to say 🙂


    1. Hi Deb,
      Writers, artists, dancers, musicians — we are all artists and the world would be a sad place without us. Thank you for choosing to follow my blog. Although a lot of it is directed toward authors, I hope to be a little broader than that and reach a larger audience (like you). Your name sounds so familiar – Like I should know you. I am going to follow your blog as well.
      Thanks again,


  2. Hi! I recently discovered your blog through Gulf Coast Writers Association. I have a blog focusing on travel, primarily in SW FLorida. I look forward to following your blog and learning more about becoming a great writer.


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