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“A murder and burial in the California Desert”

I am pleased to have author, Vanessa Covington with us today on Author Interview Friday.  Originally from Philadelphia, Vanessa moved to Los Angeles in the 1980’s where she was inspired to write “The End of the Rainbow.” Vanessa currently lives in Bonita Springs with her husband Kevin and children Regina and Kent.  Tell us about your novel Vanessa.

Vanessa Covington

 My novel is based on real events, inspired from my exposure to life in the big cities of Philadelphia and Los Angeles. The story is about two young girls who travel from Philly to L.A. in search of a new beginning but finds themselves involved in a murder. It takes place in the 80’s.

I had the idea to write “The End of the Rainbow” almost twenty five years ago when I lived in Los Angeles.  Life took me into other directions at the time so I didn’t focus on writing. In 2007, I finally started my outline and kept at it until I published my novel in March, 2013. I love writing thrillers and writing in narrative form.

That is impressive that you stuck with it for six years. I’ve heard people say that is is easy to start a book, it is finishing it that takes the real work. What does “finding your voice” mean to you?

Finding my voice in this novel was easy because it was inspired by real events. To me, finding my voice would mean writing about what I know and expounding on it.

Marketing is difficult for all of us. What do you do to promote your book?

I’m trying to get as much exposure as possible by attending book signing events and marketing through my website and social media.  I had two booksigning events at Barnes & Noble Fort Myers and Naples stores. I recently joined the S.W. Florida’s Writer’s Group so that I can learn more about promoting and writing from other authors. My next goal is to write a screenplay.

New writers look to those that have been through the ropes, so to speak. If a new author approached you, what would you say to him/her?

My advice to new writers is to never give up. Writing can be extremely frustrating when you hit that block and can’t transition into the next paragraph or chapter. Remember, something will come to you eventually that will get you writing pages and pages afterwards.  Be patient.

The End of the Rainbow

 A tidbit from my novel:


. . . She waited, ready to knock him back down with the statue the moment he tried to stand. When he didn’t move, she thought he was unconscious and the worst that would happen was that he would sleep off the booze, wake up with a nasty headache, and apologize for what he had one to her.

Blood trickled down his face . . . she lifted his head to place a towel around it to keep the blood from reaching the Berber carpet. He wasn’t breathing.

Thank you Vanessa.  Readers, you can find Vanessa’s book on this link:   Visit her website at:


There are two sides to every story. I like to write about the "other side." I like to challenge my readers to dig deep into their conscience and see life through someone else's eyes.

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