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Book review: Conditional Love by Cathy Bramley

Great review. Sounds like a must read.

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Image*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

All she ever wanted was a place called home. Nice and cozy place where she could be herself. Not that Sophie didn’t like her two flatmates, they were her best friends. And there was Marc, with that well-shaped body wrapped around her.

And then, Marc dumped her. On Valentine’s Eve. How cruel is that?

One letter changed everything. She inherits a property from an aunt she didn’t even knew she had. Talk about surprises life offers us e? But there is a condition: Sophie has to meet her father who abandoned her and her mother when Sophie was just a baby.

Struggling between making her dream come true, forgiving her father and not losing the trust of her mother, Sophie meets Nottingham architect Nick Cromwell. A guy who can give that old bungalow a name: Sophie’s home.

Sophie didn’t seem…

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There are two sides to every story. I like to write about the "other side." I like to challenge my readers to dig deep into their conscience and see life through someone else's eyes.

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