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Networking with other writers

Happy 2nd Anniversary Marco Island Writers

I  started this writing journey thinking I was all alone in the world. It can be a solitary occupation, with my nose buried in my PC as I type or dig through libraries for research material.  Then I discovered that there are many ways to connect to fellow writers. I joined a local writers group shortly after its inception in 2011. This past week, we celebrated our 2nd anniversary as a group. It all started with two people, then it doubled to four, then to eight and so on and so on.

Today the group has forty paid members and over 100 that still receive the email newsletter. This is pretty amazing since we are a very seasonal town, with the population dropping to about a third off-season. (Off-season for us is summer, when all the snow-birds have flown back home to Ohio, Michigan, New York and the Jersey shore.)  This group of people are nothing short of amazing. The skill levels range from “only dreaming about writing” to well-known authors like Sue Monk Kidd. Our genres are just as diverse. We have journalists, poets, editors,  non-fiction and memoir writers and every type of fiction novelists you could mention.  We have learned together with wonderful speakers and workshops. We have celebrated the victories of publication of our authors. If I am counting correctly, 21 of the 40 members are now published. That is a huge accomplishment.  I think most of us would agree we could not have done it alone.

Besides my wonderful friends at Marco Island Writers, I also belong to a wonderful online group, WFWA, Women’s Fiction Writers Assoc. which is a God-send for me to learn from the writers of my own genre. We’ve talked about character, and point of view, of  Indie publishing and how to find an agent for traditional publishing. Our last loop was discussing the pros and cons of profanity in our books. Talk about diverse. Whew!

metal box of stories
My writing started like this.


Early on in my writing endeavor, I was part of a wonderful online group through Writers Village University. Five women from different parts of the world; England, Mexico, Ohio, Colorado, and Illinois, started on a journey to critique each others work, chapter by chapter, line by line until we reached “The End”  It took a full year. Of those five, I believe every one has either already published or is currently working with a publisher for publication.

Eventually it became this.


Without the support of the writing community. I know I never would have finished my first novel, Accident, or be working on my 3rd WIP (the 2nd only made it to the “Save for Later” file.    I want to thank Marco Island Writers, WFWA and special core group at Writers University (you know who you are). Without all of you, I would have given up.

Accident Joanne Simon Tailele 1600x2400
My finished debut novel on Amazon.


Who has been your support team pushing to go forward when the words get stuck, when the rejection letters pour in, when you are just sick of the nine hundredth revision?  I would love to hear. Please leave a comment and give your support team the recognition they deserve.


There are two sides to every story. I like to write about the "other side." I like to challenge my readers to dig deep into their conscience and see life through someone else's eyes.

3 thoughts on “Networking with other writers

  1. My husband, who is my biggest fan, offers me the daily encouragment writers crave. My outside support team is Word Wizards in Loveland, CO! What a great bunch of diverse writers. I owe them a lot for listening to my hesitant reading of the first chapter and eventually for their patient editing of my query letter and synopsis. Also, my critique partner, Lynette, was instrumental in helping me complete my first novel, and now she supports me as the rejection letters litter my email! I’m so lucky to have such wonderful folks in my corner.


  2. congrats on your book! My daughter just finished her degree… English major with a Minor in Creative writing. I will share you blog with her… she hopes to join the ranks of writers 🙂 I’ll have to check out your book with my next amazon order.


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