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Remembering those that gave it all.


On this Memorial Day, I need to take pause to reflect on the many blessings we have here in the United States because of the men and women who were willing to give it all, including their lives for our freedom.  Many times I do not agree with what is happening in our country or how things are being run, but we have the right here to speak up and say those things. Many people in many countries on this big earth do not have that option. Freedom is not free. It is paid for dearly by the men and women in the Armed Forces. Thank you to the fallen. Thank you to the survivors.

I also want to thank those that made it back alive, some in one piece, and some just back.  If you know something that served, take a moment to say thanks. There are others that also serve to keep us safe, our police, fire, first responders and those serving in the FBI, CIA and Homeland Security. On this Memorial Day, I believe it is right to also say thanks to them as well. Some of them also gave the ultimate sacrifice.

My husband served for twenty four years in the Army, was Special Forces in Vietnam and was one of the lucky ones that made it home. Our grandson, Ian said Grandpa Tai is his hero. He is mine as well. Thank you Tai, I love you.



There are two sides to every story. I like to write about the "other side." I like to challenge my readers to dig deep into their conscience and see life through someone else's eyes.

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