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Schedules and Deadlines


Do you work better under pressure? Over these fifty plus (no I am not telling here) years of my life, I have learned a few lessons about myself.

One is that I work so much better with some pressure to perform. Regardless of whether it is as a Realtor® or as an author, deadlines help me to succeed.  The A-Z Challenge was the type of thing that kept my blog running for the month of April. I have done NANOWRIMO twice and finished both times. Nothing motivates me to clean out the guest closet or re-organize the linen closet like company coming.

That being said, I realized that Writing Under Fire was floundering out there like a beached manatee (we don’t see whales here in SW FL). It needed structure.  So starting today this is the order of business.  Monday will be “my rambling thoughts” post. God only knows where that will lead.  Wednesdays will be my real estate post. Although you will hear from me, more often I will be passing along information from other professionals in the industry that has done the graphs, crunched the numbers or completed the surveys to keep us abreast of the market. Friday will be Author Interview day. I have some wonderful authors lined up. So far, I have interviewed Lisa Wroble and Dan Goldstein. If you missed their post, please scan back through and read them. They are both great authors with totally different experiences in the craft. If you are a published author, traditional or Indie, and would like to be included in my Friday “Author Interview”, please send a response to this post and we will connect. I hope that many of you will be inspired to finish that manuscript, or follow the links of these authors and buy their books.

Do deadlines and schedules help or hinder your creativity and your success? 


There are two sides to every story. I like to write about the "other side." I like to challenge my readers to dig deep into their conscience and see life through someone else's eyes.

One thought on “Schedules and Deadlines

  1. I loved A to Z! In that case, pressure worked for me. My problem comes when I’m working on a single long-term (novel), night after night. Ugh. Your scheduling of different projects for different days looks interesting. Perhaps my pressure needs more variety!


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