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A Tribute to Mom

On this Mother’s Day, I would like to pay tribute to my Mom who I lost 16 years ago on Jan. 17, 1997. I still miss her very much.  These are the things i remember most.

She loved the color red. Image

She loved to laugh until she cried or peed or pants (or both)

Her greatest love was her children.

She liked fast cars, especially her 1966 Red Mustang.

She loved polo games.

She was always late because she was doing a million things at one time.

It was impossible to walk as fast as her.

She did handstands with my brothers and I in the hallway.

She rode my brother’s mini-bike up a tree.

She sewed together the bottom of  my sister-in-law’s nightgowns for her wedding night. (and didn’t admit it for 15 years)

She worked harder and longer than anyone I have ever known in my life.

Image Image


Mom loved her family.

Her favorite past time was genealogy and she loved hunting through court records and old cemeteries. Her bumper sticker said “I collect dead relatives”.

She had a great sense of humor, and was often downright silly.


Mom and Dad with their first grandchild, Candeus Anne Cooper (McDowall)

She missed being around her kids and grand-kids later on in life.  She was lonely. I’m sorry Mom.





At her great-granddaughter’s baptism, Chelsea McDowall

To the very best Mom that ever walked this earth. I could never come close to filling her shoes.  I love you Mom.  Rest in peace.



There are two sides to every story. I like to write about the "other side." I like to challenge my readers to dig deep into their conscience and see life through someone else's eyes.

6 thoughts on “A Tribute to Mom

  1. Here are my memories…

    She used to crawl under the kitchen table to play tag with us grandkids.

    The smell of fresh dirt and marigolds always remind me of her.

    I love Mustangs because of hers.

    When I slept over, she would tuck me in bed and do “chopsticks” on my back to help me relax.

    Cardigan sweaters and reading glasses on a chain.

    Gilligan, the cat, (Rosie, the dog, is my Grandpa memory.) 😉

    I still recognize the typeface of her typewriter.

    Love you, Mom. Beautiful job. We all miss her and loved her very much.


  2. it’s a wonderful tribute; i was moved by it. She reminded me of my mother-in-law who missed her grandkids when they shifted halfway across our nation five years before her death, She was very lonely in her last years as her husband passed away some years before. Your post brought it all back. All honour to our mums


    1. Thanks . She was a great woman. I wish my children and grandchildren could have been closer (in miles) and had a chance to know her when she was funny and silly and larger than life, at 5’2″ before she got sick and depressed.


  3. I loved this tribute!!! She sounds so funny. The last name Cooper is in my family tree also. Our Coopers are from Texas, around Houston. Any possible connection?

    As a tribute to my Mom’s wonderful mom who died before I got to meet her, I named my youngest Cooper.

    Thanks for the post.


    1. I don’t think so. Cooper is my ex’s name thus my daughter is Candeus Cooper McDowall as her married name. I think these Coopers have been in Ohio forever and England before that. My Mom was a wonderful woman.

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      1. Your Mom sounds wonderful!

        My Mom’s Texas clan has been there forever (well not really forever, but a long, long time), so our families probably don’t share any branches on the genealogy tree.

        Thanks again for the lovely Mother’s Day post:)


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