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H is for Hope



So much of our work hinges on HOPE.

  • We hope to write a good story.
  • We hope our story will be picked up by an agent.
  • We hope our agent can find us a publisher.
  • We hope our editor does not cut us to smithereens.
  • We hope the artist produces an awesome cover.
  • We hope the publisher gets us good circulation.
  • We hope the circulation makes us good sales.
  • We hope we have enough energy to start all over with our next book.


A quote from 14,000 Quips and Quotes for Writers and Speakers by E.C. McKenzie. reads: “Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.”

I think that sums up writers pretty well. Unfortunately, the quotes inside the book do not give the original source.

My personal quote would be:  Hang in there; it ain’t over till the fat lady sings. Another good “H” topic would be Hard Work.  Combine it with Hope, and you can’t fail.


Add a sprinkle of HOPE to your day today.  Was this helpful?


There are two sides to every story. I like to write about the "other side." I like to challenge my readers to dig deep into their conscience and see life through someone else's eyes.

6 thoughts on “H is for Hope

  1. Hope for me means that you have one more option, something else to try. The outcome may not be totally up to you, but at least there’s always one more step to try. You got to have hope, otherwise it’s very hard to muster the motivation to keep going. Happy A to Zing!


  2. I think in life we all need hope. When my daughter contracted E. coli in July 2008, the ups and downs during those sixteen days were tumultuous. The only thing keeping us somewhat sane was the hope that she might get better. I think we hung onto that as if our lives depended on it. In the end our hope was dashed as she passed away on July 16, 2008, but its the hope that got us through. We all need hope in all thing to include the tragic. Great post today for the letter H.


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