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Who is your favorite author?

I just finished another Jodi Picoult novel, The Storyteller. She has such a talent to draw the reader into the lives of her characters. And the research – wow!! Knowing she is far too young to know anything first hand about the Holocaust, she amazes me with her plots and style. You could easily believe she was a Holocaust survivor. And Josef? Would forgive him? ImageImage 

If I could hope to be as good as any one particular author, it would be Jodi Picoult. Why, you ask.  First of all, I love her edgy topics. There are all guarenteed to create different opinions.  I am not interested in writing to make the audience agree, in fact, just the opposite. Like Jodi, I hope my writing makes you get deep into the social, political or moral issues of real life people.

If someone was to compare your writing style to another author, who would it be? Or who would you want it to be? 


There are two sides to every story. I like to write about the "other side." I like to challenge my readers to dig deep into their conscience and see life through someone else's eyes.

One thought on “Who is your favorite author?

  1. Last week my writing group friend and I went to see Jodi Picoult speak about her new book. She was so interesting and warm. It was such a treat! I’m almost through with The Storyteller and what an amazing story!

    The author’s style I’d like to be compared with would be Carl Hiaasen. He just paints such vivid pictures with words, utilizes tropical settings, plus he makes me laugh out loud.


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